Tired of a smelly workplace?

Leaving your work area and having to change your clothes because of the impregnated smell, customers who do not like to visit the company because of the discomfort… Sound familiar? At Ambiente et Odora we have been providing solutions to this problem for years, and that is why we are delighted to introduce you Deodormatic.

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Why trust Deodormatic?

Increase comfort and empower your image

Both workers and customers will notice the difference, goodbye to the bad moments caused by strong odors.

Boost your savings

Deodormatic is more affordable than any air ventilation installation  because it is mobile it can be located in several areas.

Unique solution

Nowadays there is not a similar solution in the market, most of the air depurators around are designed either for domestic or industrial use.





No, the use of Deodormatic can be monitored and connected to the plant’s processes so that it only works when an odor-generating process is started.

Deodormatic is used for offices and industrial plants where odor decreases the comfort of workers and potential customers.

Deodormatic comes with an integrated interface with powerful notification options. You will get an e-mail well in advance in order to program a filter replacement.


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